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In most cases, eyelashes suffer from external negative factors, the most common of which are aggressive artificial components contained in low-quality cosmetics, extension and wearing of artificial eyelashes, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Damaging to eyelashes and eyebrows is also radiation exposure. And although increased hair loss does not entail serious consequences and generally does not threaten health, this cosmetic defect is accompanied by serious discomfort, significantly affecting the psychological state and self-esteem of a woman. Special stimulating cosmetics can not only eliminate the external manifestations of this problem but also restore the hairs from the inside. Drops Careprost are designed to strengthen the bulbs, restore follicles and resume the growth of eyelashes. The solution has minimal contraindications and rarely causes adverse reactions. And although this cosmetic product can be bought without a prescription, before using it, be sure to consult an ophthalmologist and exclude contraindications. The recommended course of use of Kareprost is three months, and with irregular episodic application, serum will not give the desired result. It is necessary to prepare for the use of cosmetics. Apply Careprost only on the upper eyelashes at their roots. It should be carried out with the applicator moistened in the substance along the bases of the hairs. Do not use the cosmetic product more than once a day. If the solution enters any other area, you must remove it with a cotton pad. If desired, you can also use Careprost on the eyebrows. Never replace the sterile applicator with other improvised products. Using the applicator, it is necessary to distribute one drop of the substance along the roots of the upper eyelashes in the direction from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. After applying makeup, you must carefully wipe off any excess. It is strictly unacceptable to apply Сareprost on the lower eyelashes in order to avoid their excessive growth.

Product History 

The product Careprost is a restorative cosmetics, which was originally used to combat the excessive loss and restoration of the natural process of hair growth. Presented with a sterile solution, this product is intended for application to eyelashes and eyebrows to accelerate their growth, improve condition and appearance. Cosmetic Careprost does not cause harm to health, is well tolerated by the body, cannot accumulate in blood plasma. Initially, the product was created to combat increased intraocular pressure in glaucoma. Since serum has a beneficial effect on the growth process and improves the overall condition of eyelashes, it has become popularly used for cosmetic purposes. More and more women are choosing this cosmetics as the best way to care for eyebrows and eyelashes. Careprost is a drop that is very easy to apply. One bottle of the product contains three milliliters of a sterile solution designed for a full three-month course with daily application. This volume is enough for a noticeable effect. Strictly observe the sterility of the vial with serum, without leaving it open and without touching the neck of the fingers. This is necessary to avoid the spread of infection and contamination of the sterile solution. Serum application should not be abused, as this provokes an overdose and causes the corresponding discomfort. If you use contact lenses, be sure to remove them before applying the product and wear them again only after 15 minutes. With a natural renewal, the eyelashes can return to their original state, therefore, after a full three-month course and maximum results, continue to apply the substance once a week for prevention.

Effect of application 

Substances from drops of Careprost penetrate the hair follicles of the eyelashes, actively stimulating their blood supply. Intense blood circulation increases the absorption of keratin and other essential nutrients in the follicles, stimulating hair growth. Due to the local rush of blood, the metabolism of hair sacs is significantly accelerated, the bulbs are strengthened, the hairs become more durable and thicker. Careprost reduces eyelash loss, accelerates the growth of new hairs, provides puffiness and density, enhances pigmentation and gives a healthy glow. In just a few months of using this innovative product, it is possible to significantly improve the appearance of eyelashes and strengthen their health. You can notice the first results after only a few weeks of daily application. Among other things, Careprost enhances the production of melanin, which provides a dark hair color. It is important to remember that the cosmetic product itself does not have any effect on the general well-being of a woman, but in case of abuse of alcoholic beverages, the effectiveness of Careprost can significantly decrease, or, conversely, exceed the planned effect. Regenerating composition is often used for hypotrichosis of eyelashes. If you think you are suffering from this disease, be sure to consult a specialist before starting treatment.


The composition of the cosmetic product Careprost includes a three percent solution of bimatoprost, sodium phosphate, benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, citric acid, distilled water. The bimatoprost substance is an active ingredient, while due to excipients, the likelihood of adverse reactions is reduced and good tolerance of the product is ensured. Bimatoprost solution is a prostamide that reduces intraocular pressure. As part of cosmetic products, it is contained in a minimum concentration, so its effect on pressure is absolutely negligible. Careprost serum must be applied to the roots of the eyelashes of the upper eyelids once a day before bedtime after removing makeup. The procedure should be performed exclusively with the sterile applicator that comes with the cosmetic product. Try to apply the substance as close to the roots of the eyelashes and remove the excess with a cotton pad. In no case do not flush the solution, as it must be completely absorbed and redistributed to the lower eyelids during a night's rest in a certain amount. With the parallel use of serum with dosage forms of prostaglandins, it is necessary to constantly monitor intraocular pressure. Before you buy cheap Careprost in Canada With delivery right under the door of your house!


Сareprost allows you to repeatedly improve the appearance of thin and rare eyelashes, damaged by extension or those from nature. Also, the product helps to cope with the excessive loss of bulbs associated with mineral vitamin deficiency. As numerous reviews of doctors and the results of clinical studies confirm, in the absence of individual contraindications, a non-toxic solution is safe for the body, however, it is important to follow all the rules of use. Сareprost works in all cases. From the moment of development to the present, eyelash growth stimulator Careprost remains a highly effective tool that helps to improve the appearance and condition of eyelashes for absolutely everyone, regardless of the source data. Application results become visible very quickly. The tool has a fairly short course of application (eyelashes completely transforms in just three months of daily use), and a noticeable effect appears even in a few weeks. The application technique is simple and affordable. Restoring eyelashes with this tool involves only two simple steps that will take you no more than one minute per day. Thanks to this, even the busiest women can take care of beauty with this stimulant. Contraindications In no case do not use bimatoprost ophthalmic solution Careprost if you have individual intolerance to its components. Symptoms of increased susceptibility can be noticed already from the first use. If the drops cause you an allergic reaction, tearing, dryness, swelling, itching or redness of the eyes or other manifestations of discomfort, you should not continue to use them. You can not use a cosmetic product at a minor age, during pregnancy or breastfeeding, during the chemotherapeutic treatment of cancer, during inflammation of the conjunctiva, with ophthalmic disorders. Also, the solution is contraindicated in the presence of any damage to the skin of the eyelids until they are eliminated. You can use Сareprost in parallel with any medication, but anesthetics and sedatives reduce the effectiveness of the stimulant. If you regularly use synthetic medicines, be sure to consult your doctor who will assess the contraindications and risk. From the point of view of age, Careprost solution has no restrictions and has an equally noticeable effect. Also, drops do not affect the cardiovascular and nervous systems, which is important for people of older age groups. When restoring eyelashes in the elderly, correction of the duration of the procedures and dosage is not required.

Adverse reactions 

In a small percentage of cases, serum causes a slight decrease in intraocular pressure, excessive eyelash growth, increased pigmentation of the skin of the eyelids in the area where the drops are applied, which do not pose a threat to health. The effect of Kareprost is identical to that of the original. Theoretically, increased pigmentation of the iris of the eye is possible, however, in the process of laboratory studies, this proposed effect was not confirmed. In rare cases, a cosmetic product can cause short-term irritation and swelling of the eyelids, redness, and dryness of the mucous membranes of the eyes. If you are hypersensitive to the components of the serum Kareprost and the occurrence of appropriate adverse reactions, you should immediately stop using cosmetics. If you have a severe and long-lasting reaction, be sure to seek medical help. Too frequent or excessive drops can cause serious adverse reactions. An overdose of Сareprost does not represent significant harm to health or life, however, allergic manifestations are accompanied by a variety of unpleasant symptoms and cause discomfort. An overdose can provoke excessive hair growth, so in no case do not apply more than one drop of the drug to the upper eyelashes of one eye during the day. Watch the reaction of your body: if the drug causes inflammatory processes, you may have an intolerance, requiring the cessation of its use.